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Who's who

We focus on different aspects of acanthomorph systematics.

Team leader:

  • Pr. Guillaume Lecointre: larger scale phylogenetics and methods for phylogenetics reconstruction.

Assistant professors (MNHN and Paris 6 University):

  • Agnès Dettaï: molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy, barcoding.
  • Nalani Schnell: comparative morphology, phylogeny and evolution of teleosts, with a focus on larval fishes.
  • Cyril Gallut: molecular phylogenetics and bioinformatics.
  • Bruno Chanet: morpho-anatomy and phylogenetics, especially of Pleuronectiformes but also on Tetraodontiformes.

PhD students (present):

  • Donald Davesne: paleontology and origin of the acanthomorphs
  • Marie Fisler: philosophie des sciences (sujet : métaphore de l'arbre dans les sciences naturelles).

PhD students (past):

  • Anne-Claire Lautrédou: phylogenetics of Serraniformes.
  • Blaise Li: large scale phylogeny of Acanthomorpha (Thesis title: Fiabilité des clades et congruence taxinomique : Application à la phylogénie des téléostéens acanthomorphes).

Former members of the team